Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sandy Poses

I said, "Sandy! Do you want to do a photo shoot?"  She replied, "Sure, Mom!"
"Go get your camera! I'll wait here for you."
"C'mon, Mom! I'm tired of waiting!"

"How 'bout I go find a good spot for a pose? Yeah?"
"Left profile? Right profile? Or a head shot?"
"Hey, Mom! Over here in the bushes!"
"Now here's a nice pose in the Food Lady's flower bed. What do you think?"


  1. Oh, I have a throbbing headache, a touch of the flu. How nice to open my computer and see my favorite pet! Isn't she about the loveliest sheltie that ever lived? Her face is perfect. Oh how I wish she lived by me so I could borrow her and give her big hugs and kisses!

  2. I had to pop back over here and look at Miss Beautiful again. Did you brush her before the photo shoot? She's so lovely!


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