Friday, October 21, 2011

Lunch on the Mountaintop

Mother, Julia and I were invited to lunch today at a friend's home -- Miss J.  She is Julia's Sunday school teacher, and such a sweet lady!
She shares something lovely with hundreds of other people in this area:  a great view!
Miss J. is an artist and interior designer, and boy, does it show! Her house is gorgeous and has so many impressive design features. I thought I took a lot of pictures, but they are not enough to show how great her home is.
One of her oils. Just precious.
I couldn't resist a pic of this little purse. Her daughter sent it to her from Paris! A woman should take red roses with her wherever she goes, yes?
This is just a little taste of the design style she uses all over her house. Amazing, daring, rustic, large, textured. It really works well in the large spaces she has.
Don't this pair look happy?
Miss J. showed us all through her house. She used wonderful paint selection to make the rooms warm or cool. This extra-large mirror in a sitting room is one example of her style.
Then she created a warm, intimate space here for a sewing nook. Who would have selected a little chandelier in a sewing room? But it looks great.
The view down to the dining and living rooms. Note the hanging window frame to indicate the room division. The massive cone-shaped bowl on the dining table came from Africa, and was used to pan for diamonds.
Downstairs was her largest piece, a long bar. Very long.
I couldn't resist a shot of Mother.
Julia found a friend in Miss J.'s cat, "Galore." Every home we visit seems to have a resident cat. Achoo!

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  1. Hi MK,

    I found your blog googling on beekeeping topics. I'm in the researching it phase. So I really enjoyed all the posts. Adam and your girls are brave to work the bees with no bee protection and it is reassuring how few stings they got.

    I then read your Jewish Anthology and really enjoyed it. THEN bread making. I'll continue onto soap and cooking another day.

    In addition to all these topics we also have a love of the Appalachian Mountains in common.

    I write disjointedly in a number of places. is a blog updated here and there. is an article I wrote on Bathsheba which I suspect you might enjoy.

    There are several write ups there. Mine is the one at the bottom.



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