Saturday, October 29, 2011

I wish I'd had my camera!

Today, Mother, Peter, Julia and I went to town for our weekly shopping. Brevard was having its annual Halloweenfest.  Brevard has a festival at the drop of a hat. I've never known such festive folk! About a half-dozen times a year, they cordon off the streets, set up their tables, crank up the mountain music, and hand out candy. Today there were also creepy people in costumes roaming around.

Anyway, I walked from the bakery down to the thrift store, "down" being the important word here. It's a nice, steep, straight hill. The hill starts just to the left of the courthouse here:
And ends in front of French Broad Place, the swanky new high-rise:
And down that hill, small children were rolling  pumpkins.  Yes, friends, it was the annual "Pumpkin Bowling."
It was so very, very funny. Pumpkins, large and small, tumbling down the street (oh, about 100 yards maybe?), bouncing and bumbling, picking up speed, and barreling into hay bales at the bottom.  And parents and spectators hollering and cheering the pumpkins along.

Oh, I wish I'd had a camera! But I didn't. You'll just have to imagine.

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  1. How European! I love fairs and festivals, but I don't like the crowds. I get a bit crabby. I guess I like to view them (thanks!) and watch them in movies more! Pumpkin bowling sounds fun!


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