Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Drive

The slimmest sliver of a moon
Dangles in the blackest sky,
And as I cross the county line
And miss my turn and hum a tune
And watch the valley wishing by –

Why does it fade in such a way
Just when I need its brilliant shine?
Along a strange and perilous lane,
With sheerest bluffs long my right,
And all the landmarks of the day
Swallowed in the maw of night,
Why does the lady wink at me,
And blithely watch me lose my way?
She does not say, she does not say.

I squint into the darkling air
And wonder at her glowing curve,
The finest, thinnest, purest line.
And watching her, I almost swerve
Into the nothing, waiting there.

Photo by Jody Courtney, Montana

Lookout Mtn., Georgia
Sept. 30, 2011
Copyright by the author


  1. 'miss my turn' -- barry and i lived off of scenic hwy heading away from covenant. one foggy night we missed our road and drove on past. missed it again coming back. we drove extra slowy the next time by with passenger door open so i could follow the white line and see where it stopped for our turn. i remember the castle 'disappearing' in that fog too!!! thanks for the lovely poem and memories!!


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