Monday, October 10, 2011

In Love With Autumn

This is the view Julia and I enjoy out the window each morning. Julia says God gives us a pillow in the mountains.
To the west,
To the north,
And northeast,
This is the lovely lane that leads to my parents' home. I'm a little spoiled, I know.
The trees arch over in an appealing way.
My mother has a bed of fall daisies.
They are so cheerful this time of year, and so profuse!
This pink beauty makes her home among them.
And Mr. Bunny stands guard sternly over the yard. Beware!
In the evening, Julia and I went to tend to Freckles, a friend's cat. The moon was splendid above their roofline.
These unusual trees are in a bottom. I don't know what vine climbs the trees around here, but it's very colorful.
Today, Julia pleaded with me to paint. It's been a while. She memorized the poem "October" by Robert Frost, so I put a few of its lines in my painting for today:


  1. I love how you express your love and life lessons in your painting -- and in your blog! Glory to God for Autumn! And if it reminds us of our death, that is a good thing.

  2. LOVE that last photo of your sketchbook!
    Oh, you do live in a lovely place. The mountains are glorious.


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