Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Making Progress

Here are some updates on things making progress lately:  the black gum tree, as it strives for an autumnal redness, and my pink sock, as I knit my way slowly toward the toe!

This photo was taken last week, I think.
A bit redder in this shot, which was taken only moments ago. I tell you, the tree next to the black gum is very yellow now, isn't it? I believe this is about as red as the black gum will get. The leaves are drying, and so many are falling off.
I've finished the cuff of the sock, and the heel. Just so you know, the heel, toe, and a little crochet trim around the top, will all be in this buff color. I don't think I have enough of this pink to do two whole socks. These two colors were the only sock yarn I had. Make do! I kind of like it so far.
And this is where the sock is today. I've made errors and gone back and fixed them, which is so much more tedious in knitting than in crochet! In crochet, when you make a mistake, you just pull it out, and the yarn unwriggles itself like a zipper sliding down the back. Not so in knitting; each stitch must be taken off one needle, and placed oh-so-carefully on another. Time-consuming! It's a dead run for the toe now. I think I'll save sock #2 until after the New Year. Next, I want to start Christmas projects, and these socks are just taking up too much of my time! I want to make shawls, lovely lacy, airy shawls.

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  1. I'm so impressed with your sock, MK! It looks GREAT!


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