Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Hi all --

Just a few nuggets for you today. First, an update on the Wind In the Willows World Tour.

A Different Drum -- Ratty, Mole and Toad arrived in Canada safely and are enjoying a visit there. I'll be following their progress on the tour. I think they come back south to the States next.

Joni -- "Terror Transfigured" -- Please listen to this short devotional by Joni. I've listened about five times so far, because I really, really need to hear this counsel. I'm trying to walk boldly into my own fears or poverty and unemployment, knowing that Jesus has been there before me.

Internet History Sourcebook -- Homeschoolers, if you want a cool online source for primary source reads for your child, this is such a good site. Recommended by Susan Bauer, it contains documents divided into Ancient, Medieval and Modern lists. Julia is reading Christopher Columbus's journal from his famous voyage. Why read a boring, secondary-source history tome, when you can get it straight from the horse's mouth?

Petition for GMO labeling on foods -- Finally a coalition of 300 will submit a petition to the FDA today, for GMO foods to be labeled as such. Hooray!!

Susan Reichart -- This blog post by a grandmother after her young granddaughter's surgery is so precious, so rich. I want to address it more fully later, but I just wanted to put it out here for your reading first. I needed to hear these words from someone who is experiencing a more crushing blow now than I am. Her words, though hard, ring true.

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  1. Hi MK!
    Thank you so much for the link. I printed the story out today (and then I forgot to snatch it from the copier!) and I think it'll be perfect for my honors kids.
    I shall look at Internet History Sourcebook, too.
    Praying for amazing changes for you and your family, surprises all around.


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