Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Meet Mr. Buck

He's also affectionately known as "Mr. B." He's still a kitten. Our pastor and his wife just bought Mr. B. recently. Miss Ellie is SUCH a cat person! Isn't he a doll?
Actually, he is a doll -- he's what's known as a ragdoll cat. They grow to be rather large, fluffy, friendly and, um, kinda limp :) They are easy and loving, like a ragdoll.
Ellie with her new buddy. She's in love.
Mr. B. was a little uncomfortable with all those church ladies around. He tried to be sociable, but he's just a kitten.
I'm not sure what he was saying at this moment. Maybe better not to know ...
Later, he got to play in the living room. I tried about 15 times to get a good shot of him playing with his toys; he was so adorable!! But this was the clearest picture I got -- he was a blur of fun, racing around!
Here's a photo of a full-grown ragdoll cat, which I found on the internet. You see how beautiful they are. I can't wait to see Mr. B. when he's a Big Cat!


  1. You should have taken a picture of Maxx while you were at my house....Then compared him to Mr. B.....That would have been a hoot!
    Love you! Trudi

  2. I like him! Kittens are so entertaining. I just hate kitty boxes. Do they meow like Siamese? I don't like yowlers. I think I had better stick with wishing for a Sandy.

  3. Your post compelled me to check out Ragdolls. Found some in Northern Colorado. Uh oh!


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