Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Of leaves and girl, of knit and purl ~

Our black gum tree is slowly reddening. I took this picture on Monday. But last night, a front came through. When the rain and fog pass, and the cold settles in, I'll take another shot. Then we'll see!
Other colors in our front yard on Monday:
Part of the beauty is in the color, but much of it is in the light:
These oak leaves are half green, half brown. I find that fascinating.
Anna's fall break ended, and we returned her to Toccoa Falls. Since Adam hadn't seen the waterfall yet, we walked there. Mother/daughter shot:
The falls, and you can barely see Adam and Anna there, at the base:
Anna here is saying, "NO, Mom!" as I took her picture. But 25 years from now, we'll love having pictures of her as a college freshman!
She may well kill me for taking a picture of her messy dorm room, but I thought the same thing when I saw it:  What if she lives in this room for four years, and doesn't think to take pictures of it? She'll regret that. I didn't take pictures of my college dorm rooms; it was too common of a thing to photograph. Now I wish I had.
Notice how she has her bed tucked up under her desk. I'm trying to figure out how that makes either of them very useful.
There's a small swimming lake at Toccoa Falls College, with a lovely swing next to it.

The sock. Sigh. It's kinda hard going, but I'm enjoying it. I do like the challenge. Here is the ribbing on the back of the sock -- K3, P3.
The pattern on the front of the sock is the challenging part. I'm using baby yarn and size 2.5 needles, so it's rather little work. I dropped a stitch at one point, and when I added it back in, the additional stitch set me off one stitch, for about 4 rows, until I corrected it. Actually, I'm not sure what happened. But if you look carefully at the eyelet pattern, you can see the section where one row of holes is a little "off." Can you spot it?
It's rainy today. I'm planning to read a good chunk of Robinson Crusoe, since I think Julia has gotten ahead of me in the book. This afternoon I need to make something to take to the church supper, and I'm considering a loaf of pumpkin/cranberry bread. Yummm. Nice smells on a rainy, autumn afternoon. Adam will be sending me another chapter of his book for editing abuse :) And I hope to knit also.  What do you have planned for your day?


  1. Love the fall format with a red leaf in the top frame!

  2. What is the quote there (at the top) taken from? (Message me on facebook as well because I don't want to miss your answer!)


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