Saturday, October 15, 2011

Corgis, Pearls, Charmin, and Eyelet Socks

What do these things have in common? Absolutely nothing, except that's what my day contained!
This morning I started a new knitting project:  another pair of socks. Here's a link to the pattern at Garn Studios. Aren't they adorable? I got the tiniest start on the first sock, and then Anna and I headed to town.
I noted Tasha, hiding among the bushes, as we left. She's a silly dog. She's such an old lady now.
Couldn't resist a couple more shots of the foliage. In a few short weeks, it will be gone.

At one resale shop, Anna found some pearls for $3! They're not fine, and they are so yellow they are downright "golden," but the clasp is very beautiful, as you can see.
Anna has 'to-die-for' hair. As I was taking this photo, I noticed how light her hair was, down by her neck. Yep -- you guessed it -- my college girl tried a little dying back there. You can hardly notice it :) Phew! Today she wore a delicious long curl, tumbling down over her left shoulder.
I just had to show you this; I found this in a resale shop/junk store. Charmin-To-Go!!! Bwahaha! Isn't that ridiculous? Stash it in your purse? Take it on a campout? But, let me ask you, who in the world would buy their toilet paper at a resale/junk store? Hmmm.
This evening, after delicious pizza for supper, I knitted some more. Here you can see the ribbing that is at the top of the sock. This ribbing is actually on the back of the ankle.
This is the pattern on the front of the sock. You can just begin to see the eyelet pattern emerging. I'm excited! I didn't know if I'd be able to do this one, it is so hard. And yes, I did have to walk down to Hunter's house just once, for help interpreting the pattern instructions. I tell you, it is 10x harder than following a sewing pattern.

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  1. MK! You are a smart knitter! Your sock looks beautiful!
    Oh, old Tasha is a honey bunny. So cute.
    Our daughter brought over her new puppy today so I got me some puppy loving!
    Back to the grading pile . . .


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