Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Birthday Celebration!

Most people are wearing green today and saying, "Erin Go Bragh!" But not in this house -- we're saying, "Happy Birthday!" March 17 is both Grandmother's and Peter's birthdays. Yes, that sweet blond-headed baby boy was the best birthday present my mother ever received.
A close second, however, are these stunning flowers that arrived for her today. My thoughtful brother and sister-in-law, Marshall and DeVona, sent them. Look at this lily!
The whole arrangement:
Really gorgeous combination:
For his birthday, Peter asked for doughnuts -- 18 doughnuts. One for each year. My fancy-shmancy doughnut recipe (from Martha Stewart!!) says that one batch makes 18 doughnuts. Poor Anna. "If you make two batches, that only leaves 18 doughnuts for all the rest of us," she whined. So, finally I agreed. I'd make THREE batches of doughnuts. Heavy sigh!
I've already posted this recipe, with pics, here.  So I'll just give you the high-lights this time.
See the three bowls? Yep, I made the 3 batches separately. I was concerned about the logistics of making one mammoth batch. The logistics of separate batches was pretty hard too!
Here's the very-yellow egg mixture, with the yeast mixture:
The dough is very sticky. Add just enough flour to work it.
Want a drink? Bleck! This is what eighteen egg whites looks like! I think I see a large angel food cake in our future....
I borrowed a doughnut cutter from Hunter. Mine is packed up in a box.
They are oh-so good. Melt in your mouth, and all that stuff. Hunter and Howard came up to celebrate with us.
A plate full of sin. Mother eventually said, "Somebody take those doughnuts away!" Peter, who was clambering to eat 18 at first, ate 6 and said, "Uh, I'm full."  We made 2 batches, and I put the dough for the third batch in the frig. Maybe tomorrow!
Anna and her friend Jillian helped enormously by finishing up the second batch -- thanks, sweeties!
(Aren't they adorable! Oh, to be 19 again!)

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  1. Oh wow. I'd rather be in your kitchen than in Erin in the rain! My mum's birthday is tomorrow! But she'll not be getting this level of culinary expertise!!


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