Monday, March 19, 2012


Just a few random sightings of intellect (or the lack thereof) online:

John Steinbeck's Writing Advice: Six tips from the master

Socialist Party of America Releases Names of Congress Members: 70 members of the present U.S. Congress are members of the Socialist Party of America. Scroll down past the stuff about Massachusetts. And yes, they're all Democrats. (Although -- how exactly can they be members of two parties at the same time?) This includes the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, apparently.

Killing Bald Eagles for Religious Sacrifice? Yep. Hard to believe, but a Native American tribe in Wyoming was granted permission to kill two bald eagles for the purpose of their religious rites. Ugh.
And although some may snicker when I ask this question, I'll ask it anyway: Since we seem to value animal life more than human life these days (i.e., save the baby whales, but kill off the baby humans), how long will it be until it's legal to "sacrifice" a few humans for some cult's religious rites? Just wondering.

Obamacare -- I found some items in this article interesting, like Obama's previous criticism of a universal mandate, and Gingrich's previous support of it -- haha!! Politicians: why do we take them seriously?

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