Monday, March 26, 2012

If Nature Could Sing --

If Nature could sing, she would be trilling along at the top of her lungs right now, about how beautiful life is, how good life is, how soul-stirring spring is.
 She is putting on her brightest dresses, and dancing around the stage as she sings.
She's using her brightest make-up to enhance her beauty.
No one could forget that she is a feminine creature, delicate, lithe and lacy.
Her voice is smooth, clear, elegant, magnificent.
I took these pictures this past weekend when were off visiting friends in warmer climes. I am struck at how glorious spring feels this year. Much more than an awakening of the world, it is an awakening of the heart for me this year.
So spread your arms out wide, breathe deeply, turn your face to the sun, and feel the life growing to your fingertips. That's what the trees do. Stretch! Sing!

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  1. Lithe and lacy - your descriptions create such vivid pictures the photos are almost unnecessary - I said ALMOST. I love all the beauty of spring, but most of all I love the flowering trees. Our neighbor had apple trees and I was in heaven when they bloomed. Overnight, some of the trees have bloomed here in Santa Fe.


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