Friday, March 2, 2012


1st Century New Testament Fragments -- A Dallas Theological Seminary professor says several new text fragments have been found, including a 1st century fragment from the Gospel of Mark, the earliest N.T. piece found yet.

The Myth of the Eight Hour Sleep -- This article was a relief to me! Evidently through much of human history, people slept in 2 four-hour segments, with a hefty gap in between for eating, thinking, visiting, etc. So this waking up I did for so many years at 2:00 AM? Perfectly normal! A fascinating read.

The Navy test-fired the new "raingun" -- It looks like we're finally developing a new technology for weaponry -- using magnets instead of explosive chemicals.

Defending After-Birth Abortion, from the Journal of Medical Ethics -- I remember when people scoffed at the idea that legalized abortion would ever lead to killing of babies after their birth, but here it is, in a medical journal. The practice is already legal elsewhere. So very horrific. When will people be honest and just stand up and say, "Yes, it's murder, and we condone it"?

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