Saturday, March 31, 2012

Just a Saturday

I have no idea what to blog about today. So I decided to give you a jumble -- just pictures I already have that I really like. Plus some random thoughts on what I did today.
Adam went off this morning to sit with his old guy at the assisted living facility in town. I started the day off with my mother's waffles and strawberries.
A field in Statesville across from our old church. The flowers were in perfect bloom.
After devotions and roaming around on the computer (that means: facebook, pinterest, and my google reader), I decided to wash the sheets on the bed and hang them on the line, on this fine day. First, I had to remove the huge stack of Adam's clothes that had taken up residence on the bed.
Myrtle Beach. I adore the ocean. Adore it. Can I say that again? I never, ever get tired of it.
I realized that most of his clothes were sweaters, which really needed to be put away for the season. And washed first. So that was more laundry. And I had coats that needed to go downstairs too. I started clearing off Adam's closet shelf too, and discovered a stack of my daddy's shirts that he'd been missing All Winter!
Perfect frost -- I love the little ring of white around each leaf. This ivy draped off the brick planters at our old house.
So I washed sheets and sweaters, and started digging into boxes in the basement, and rearranging clothes. Then I decided our food down there needed to be put into boxes instead of floppy bags. Living in somebody else's house, even temporarily, is sometimes difficult.
I love this photo, but it's too tall for a blog banner. It's from a shop in Birkdale Village, where Adam and I used to go on dates, a few years ago.
Mother recommends having a bit of ice cream with some Pepsi, when you're thirsty. I had that today. It was yummy. I nearly forgot to eat lunch, but mother recommended some broccoli soup, which I ate.
This photo was taken at Adam's mother's house -- a quintessential Southern picture, don't you think? She lives too far away, over in Mississippi, and we miss her.
On Monday Adam will drive down to Georgia and get his new bees for this year. Unfortunately, none of his hives from last year survived. The move over here, and then again to our friends' house, was too stressful for them. But we get to start again. Bees are so furry.
Mother and I watched the tail end of Antiques Roadshow. A man brought in a 1st imprint copy of The Hobbit, signed, with a gorgeous dust jacket, valued at $80,000-120,000. That's crazy money. Made me wonder if Adam's old copy of the Tolkien calendar is worth anything. Then we watched Rick Steves in Vienna.
This is my old Lady Banks Rose. I hope her new owner will appreciate her! We did so much work on that yard, and it was very rewarding.
We're thankful that PBS's festival is over now. No one celebrates during that festival. So now we can watch This Old House on Saturday afternoons. Yay!
Peter and Adam a couple of years ago, at Biltmore House. What goofs! Peter will be off to college soon. How strange it will be to have only one child at home!
Adam came home in time to finish making his delectable pizza, which we enjoy every Saturday evening. The breeze from outside is cool. Mother is cleaning house today because they're having company tomorrow for dinner. I have clean sheets, organized clothing, happy children, a fully tummy, and a dear husband at home. That's a lot of happiness!
A weeping cherry tree in our neighborhood in Statesville. I think it might be the largest I've ever seen. I've enjoyed these pics and the memories they elicit, but we're happy to be gone from Statesville now and moving on (hopefully) to new and wonderful things in life! Praise God for all His good gifts, at just the right time.

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  1. Sounds like a perfect Saturday, MK!
    Mmmmmm . . . waffles.
    Oh! What's Sandy up to today?


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