Sunday, March 4, 2012

Travel Time Again

I haven't done this for a while. I guess you can tell it's late/very late winter, yes? Time to do a little "soul travel" to warmer climes, slower days, richer foods, and romantic music. Let's go! You ready?
Maybe we'll stay at this lovely farmhouse in the South -- France? Italy? Greece? You choose :)
I want to eat dinner at a romantic little spot like this with Adam. The waiter will be impeccably attentive, but never annoying.
The music? Ah, yes.
I'm so very hungry. The stomach flu is over, pretty much, but my tummy is still saying, "Don't you dare put anything in here!!" So sad. I'm longing to eat delectable food, like this -- bruscetta with lots of fresh, zippy tomato:
Or pizza. Yes, I want pizza.
Forkfuls of swirling pasta,
Panini, crusty on the outside and oozing with rich cheese inside,
Dessert, you ask? Oh yes, we have dessert.
(Wipe your chin.) Or how about this torte?
Crush the corner of this cake with a fork and see if you can get those layers in your mouth. Mmmmm.
Afterward, Adam and I will stroll along this beach, and I'll wiggle my toes in the sand and collect a few shells. You coming too? You'd better grab your spouse's hand and stroll the other way!
(Our view of the ocean will NOT include this.)
Maybe the next evening week we'll go to Venice. How about a little eatery like this one?
Or our gondola driver could just debark us at this trattoria for supper.
Afterward we'll enjoy the sunset over the ocean.
And the gondola will take us back to our little pensione.
Feeling better yet? Thanks for traveling. I need to do this more often!


  1. Ha ha! Yes, let's go!
    Well, I guess I'll iron my clothes and go to school now. Thanks for the trip!

  2. I like your travel channel alot better than the one on my TV receiver! When do we leave?


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