Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Spring Sandwich

Sometimes, I just crave a good tomato, y'know? And lately I've been craving avocado too!
Today I made a tomato/avocado sandwich for lunch -- so fresh and just right for spring!
The iceberg lettuce was nice and thick underneath.
And instead of mayonnaise, I used my mother's fabulous, to-die-for salad dressing. I thought I'd posted about it here before, but I can't find it in my "cooking" page. Basically, I think it's mayo, lots of garlic, some lemon juice and some grated parmesan.
The taste that dressing leaves in the mouth is phenomenal. Ymmmmm. I have it every Saturday evening on our salad, with pizza. Anna dips her pizza crusts in the dressing :) If I remember, I'll try to get the official recipe for you, okay?

Oh, and the sandwich was very good.

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