Monday, March 5, 2012

When You Dream of Food,

Even before I found the eye-teasing picture of the bruscetta that I posted yesterday, I was dreaming of it. Longing for it. I described to Adam what I wanted, and told him I thought we had all the necessary ingredients, right here in the house. So for supper?
I diced up a large, fresh tomato, salted it well, and let the liquid drain from it.
Adam grated some soft mozzarella.
Then Mother mentioned that the oregano pot I'd left outside all winter against the house wall, was coming on nicely in the warmer weather. So I snipped some, minced it, and added it to the tomatoes.
For the bread, we used Mother's Sunday rolls, leftover from dinner yesterday. Not a French bread/baguette, they are more sweet. Still, it's what we had, and it was great.
I dribbled olive oil on the slices, and toasted them (a bit too much maybe?) in the oven.
Then I loaded them. Mozzarella first, to prevent the tomato from soaking the bread -- although the toasting process had made them nice and firm. Then half an avocado, diced and distributed. Then heaps of tomato, and finally another sprinkle of mozzarella. I was desperate for one before they even went into the oven!

Meanwhile, Adam made some pasta. Aren't the shells cute? We used them because we didn't have enough vermicelli. He added some stir fry veggies for color, olive oil with garlic, and a little leftover mozzarella in there for stringy purposes. You know, so it would be challenging to serve from the bowl :)
The final plate. Satisfaction at last! I ate every bite. Dreams come true!


  1. In case you don't pop back over to my blog, just wanted to come here and tell you that I have always thought that your blog is a beautiful reflection of who you are.

  2. Yummy! I can see why you were craving this tasty dish after struggling through the stomach flu! I'm glad you are feeling better.

  3. Delicious! I'm glad you could make your dreams come true.

  4. I dream of the amazing fried pickles at the Pickle Barrel in Chattanooga, which, quite tragically, I wasn't exposed to until I had graduated from Covenant.


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