Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Warm Sunlight

Our weather is steadily warming and beautifying. Ahhhhh -- lovely spring!
My mother's potted plants, brought in from the cold months ago, are up against the windows, longing to be outside. This one nearly lays its little red cheeks against the glass. Its twin blooms in reflection seem to be outside, saying, "Come out and play!"
In the bright sunlight, they seem so utterly warm.
This plant isn't very showy yet, but the color is wonderful. Look at each blossom -- see how they are turned on their sides, looking out the window? She knows where her friend the sun is located.
Bright light produces the best photographs: deep shadows and intricate levels of color.
A passing rock from the driveway made this shattered view.
Isn't this fabulous? A neighbor made this for my mother. It's a simple rendering of our mountains, in their layers of color: blue ridges, golden valleys, deep green pines.

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