Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Last Meal

Adam made us these cute little burgers -- "grinders," I think he called them -- on Wednesday night. And yes, that was the last meal ... before the stomach flu hit. I'm posting this pic because I have no other pics to post. I've been totally out of commission for almost 3 days.
This was an ugly bug. After the initial shock to the system (I won't describe the gross details) late on Wednesday, I stayed in bed all Wednesday night, all day Thursday, and all Thursday night. When I say in bed, I mean that literally. I ate nothing. Drank about five sips of water. Even now, I have zero appetite. Yesterday I puttered, but today I will clean, because our house-sitting adventure is over, and we must move our stuff back. I definitely want to get this house clean of all nasty stomach virus bugs before the owners come back!

Not much going on around here. Philip is on his spring break, but he's staying at the college and working, and getting things done. He's having a very busy semester, not because he's taking a heavy course-load, but because he's involved in an insane number of musical groups and extra-curricular productions. I imagine he's behind on things like, um, homework and papers. Yeah.

Anna's spring break begins next Friday. She's eager to see us. I always love driving down there to get her; it's a beautiful drive through the country. I know she needs a break. She's doing great in college this year!

Peter is away for the weekend, visiting friends in Statesville. So the house is really quiet with only one little girl here. He's working his way through his final semester, and is, I think, very ready to be done with high school. He's tentatively planning to attend Western Carolina University.

Julia only has about 9 weeks of school left. She's eager for summer, when her time is her own. We're all ready for truly warm weather, not this hit-and-miss stuff we've been having. Last night, wild storms ripped through our part of the country. Tornadoes in Chattanooga, and hail and high winds near us, but we had no damage here, thankfully.

I watched a good documentary last night called Buck, about the man who truly is the "horse whisperer." When they made the movie, he's the one that Robert Redford asked to be his consultant. It was a great documentary; I'd highly recommend it. It's a Netflix play-it-now.

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  1. Are you well again, I do hope so? Nothing worse than Alpha-mum being out of commission! Your family sound as wondrous as you!


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