Friday, March 9, 2012

Picking Up Baby

I made peanut butter cookies.
They're yummy. I put a disk of 70% chocolate in the center of some of them. Then I took them along on our drive down to Georgia, to pick up Anna for Spring Break!! Yippee!  There's nothing nicer than having those mature, pleasant college kids home for a visit. It reinforces the assurance that all the pain we're going through to get our other kids to that mature stage, is worth it.
We stopped off at a thrift store I've been wanting to visit for years, but usually we're zipping by, in a hurry to get somewhere by nightfall. I loved the drawer pulls on this dresser. See the shell imbedded in it? I'm not sure what that is, but I like it.
The flowers south of us are out in full force. I love this tree. It looks like some type of small magnolia.
Their pear trees were all abloom in the center of campus -- how fairy-like!
College education has come a long way -- now, instead of telling you to get your beverages out of the library, they have a little cafe inside the library!! Right next to the book stacks! Beverages among the books!
I think that regular Joe was 75¢, not bad!
Anna was a wee bit thrilled to see us. She is such a Daddy's girl. She squealed and gave him a big hug.
Then we took her to the Mexican restaurant in town, even though it was 3:00, for a nibble. There's a real joy in visiting your college kid and taking him/her out to eat. She snapped a (slightly) fuzzy picture of the parental units. Yes, that's a napkin stuck in my shirt, to protect against any slinging salsa from excited college girls.
She's home!!! Can you tell I'm happy?

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