Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Day of Adventures, part 2

Our fun yesterday didn't end when we left Montreat College. We visited three more places. Here's Black Mountain Yarn Shop! Here's their website.
I just had to photograph this wall of rainbow:
The pink in the middle is my favorite color in the whole store - yummy to the eyes!
This huge spinning wheel is in their front window. It's bigger than the one at the Folk Art Center -- you know, the one with the big "Please Do Not Touch" by it.  And the gossamer-fine shawl draped over it was divine.
Here's a nifty item that would be ideal for Hunter, or any other knitting cat-owners. Place your skein of yarn in the box, thread the end through the hole, and -- tada! -- your feline can't mess with your yarn! Plus, it keeps your yarn ball from rolling across the room :)
This is a fun idea -- soap inside a "sweater." I've also heard of felted bags you can open with a drawstring, and inside you can place all your slivers of soap, and use them to their bitter ends.
These are cute. I like the buttons in the middle. There's a safety pin on the back. Julia and I can both make these flowers easily. Wanta know how much they're asking for this? $16.80!! Oh My Word! I need to get busy!
Right next door to the yarn shop, was the store we were hunting for: Song of the Wood. Here's their website.
One man founded this fabulous music store, and makes the dulcimers there. Julia loves harps and harp-like instruments. Yes, they had a beautiful harp:
They also had a slightly smaller harp that Julia got to play to her heart's content. The dear lady who welcomed us into the store was just so precious, and made Julia feel at home. She did more than just encourage Julia to touch and play the instruments; she sat her down, pulled the harp up to her, and gave her some instruction to get her started. So sweet!
Julia got to try her hand at a hammered dulcimer.
This was my favorite instrument -- the bowed psaltery. I'd never heard of one before! You use a small bow, which you can see leaning against the first instrument. You use the bow on the sloping sides of the psaltery. I'd really love to have one of these -- so easy, with a beautiful, simple tone, and so portable! That means a lot to a person whose only instrument is a piano.
Julia had a phenomenal day. We also did go to the Folk Art Center, but they don't allow you to take any pictures. Still, the lady there in the jewelry department was precious and chatty and very helpful. We met so many friendly people yesterday, all day long.

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