Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's All About the Outdoors

This afternoon, it felt like summer, at least it felt like summers feel here. It's only just now turned spring on the calendar! Goodness!
This was our window view a few mornings ago. Isn't it stunning? The fog often burns off by noon, but the mornings here always feel cool, mysterious and very ... sleepy ... to me.
These precious violets are blooming their hearts out, along the sidewalk at church. One of our lovely church ladies, dead now several years, organized and oversaw the plantings at the church. She had such an eye! And now, even though she's gone from us, her love of living things continues, and is born anew each spring. That is one exceptional legacy.
We took Anna back to college. On the drive home, we saw a rainbow above the mountains.
Mother's tulips are up-and-at-'em! Tulips are so showy. I'm not a dedicated flower gardener myself, but oh how thankful I am that my mother is devoted to it -- we all enjoy the fruits of her labors.

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