Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Doughnut Overload

You may recall the Great Doughnut Making that occurred on Saturday. Does anyone remember that my children implored me to make three batches of doughnuts? Anyone? Anyone? And that, after making the first two batches, I had to stop, because we had doughnuts running out our ears?
Well, today I hauled the dough for the third batch out of the refrigerator. It was time to make the last batch, before the dough got too old. I know one batch, technically, is supposed to make 18 doughnuts. Only ... it doesn't. It makes about 30. SIGH.

I timed the making of the last batch for Peter's after school delight. He was the one who requested the doughnuts in the first place, after all. He walked in the door. The glistening treats lay cooling on the counter. He went straight upstairs to the computer.
"How 'bout some doughnuts?" I holler up behind him.
"Um. No. I don't think so."

He was experiencing doughnut overload.

That basically left Julia. Poor thing. We sent her down the road to the neighbors' house. They have four grandchildren visiting. Surely, we thought, four grandchildren could help us put a dent in these doughnuts.
Only, nobody was home.

Help! Will no one assist us in eating these doughnuts?

I covered them with plastic wrap, and went upstairs myself. Later, just before dinner, Peter came sheepishly downstairs.

"Remember how I said I didn't want any doughnuts?" he murmured. "Well, I came downstairs, and there they were. So I got a glass of milk and ate seven."

Bwahahahaha!!!! Yeah, he claims he will never, ever be even the slightest bit overweight. This blog post will stay here as a family marker so that we may all return here, in years to come, and remember Peter's lithe slimness, and his propensity for doughnuts.

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