Saturday, March 10, 2012

Those Miraculous Women

Do you know any older ladies who are absolutely amazing? Here are two videos I've found on Gumbo Lily's blog, about two ladies, both in their 90's, who are so active, so vibrant, agile, involved in living. They give hope to all of us who (mistakenly) think that life must slow to a grinding halt when one turns 80. Meet Maia Helles, age 94:

A second lady is Ruth Stout, gardener. She died at 96, still gardening up till the end of her life. I love her effortless methods of gardening -- I'm gonna try these potatoes!

I have a dear friend named Inez, my grandmother's neighbor and friend. Inez is 99 now. She is not in good health, is not as active physically as these two ladies. But oh my, is Inez lively in her mind -- she is as sharp as she ever was, and she was a mighty sharp edge in her day! I miss her, and wish I could visit with her again.

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