Friday, March 30, 2012

Blogasbord Chaos

And now, in no particular order:

Wandering from Worship -- This is a great article about how the church is trying (and often failing) to attract young people. I think we old fogies might be surprised at what young people really want. Why do we assume they'll be so shallow as to choose a church based on the coolness of its praise band, instead of the quality of its teaching?
Obamacare -- No matter what side of the debate you're on, Thomas Sowell is always an intelligent read. Here, he gives some background to how we've arrived where we are, and why our government thinks it has the right to tell us what to buy.
Goodness and Beauty -- I loved this little article, perhaps because I have a college age girl, and another one coming along into the teen years. Girls do often want both inner and outer beauty. Perhaps we should stop treating it as an either/or option?
Canadian Cuts -- Apparently Canada has decided it's time to cinch up the old economic belt and make some adjustments. Why do we seem to be moving in the opposite direction here in the U.S.?
Bee Disorientation -- I tagged this article/video for Adam, but some of you might want to watch it too. Recent studied, very specific (they put microchips on individual bees!) show that some pesticides may be contributing to the horrible colony collapse that is plaguing bees world-wide.
86-year old gymnast -- Um, I never could do most of this stuff. Amazing videos!
Early Puberty -- This is a truly alarming new medical trend among young girls. I didn't finish the article, but I tell you, we need to be more cautious about environmental factors we put into our children's lives.
The Blessed Nap -- All I can say is, my husband has been right all these years. I may become a daily napper!

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