Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Bear Hat

I crocheted a quick child's hat on Thursday evening. The pattern is found on  the "Lacey Crochet" blog. It's a straightforward, easy pattern. I didn't like the gray color for a child, so I used a deep brown bulky velour yarn, soft and warm. I also increased to a size "G" hook, instead of "E." And I put the ears in a contrasting color (but same type of yarn). Here's a photo, without flash. It shows the colors accurately.
Here's a photo with flash. The color is all wrong, but you can see the pattern better.
I didn't make my hat quite as many rows as she did; I think I did about 14 rows total. I also changed the edge. I really like an alternating front and back post double crochet, so I did that instead of her 2 rows of single crochet.  A friend will be buying this hat for a wee family member. If you have a little one in your house, think about making a bear hat!


  1. So cute, MK! I think I might need a bear hat. Why let the kids have all the fun? Well done, crochet pro!

  2. Also loving the bed-is it for guests??

  3. You are SO right, Pom :)
    Mags -- no, that's our bed. It's an antique I bought years ago at an auction. I will NEVER do an auction again - so scary!

  4. You're so gifted, and the hat is adorable. How'd the sale go yesterday? Did you make some hard cash? :)

    And I think the headboard is beautiful as well...reminds me of grandparents' bed, way back when.

  5. No, Melissa, in spite of the cool temps, and my high hopes, I did not sell a single thing yesterday made of yarn! Can you believe it? Ah well. You never know with a farmers market. I made $10.50 yesterday, which is rather pitiful -- all soap sales. But I'm sure I'll have some good weeks sometimes before Christmas, and it will be worth it. If I don't sell things, I'll probably give them away for Christmas somehow!!


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