Monday, November 19, 2012

To the Sea with Friends!

We've had windy, wet weather for several days, and I caught a cold and sore throat - misery! But it's passing now. I also have friends visiting in town. Oriental is a long way from everywhere; it's not on the way anywhere! So I do appreciate their coming all the way to the end of the planet to visit us! Today I took them on a little tour of the area. My college buddy Becky particularly wanted to see the ocean. So to the sea we went!
Julia strolls in the sand.
The vines in the sand - couldn't resist.
So many tough little shrubs hang on for dear life, amidst the dunes.
Here are Becky and I. Can you tell it's windy? We made sure the water was behind us as proof that we did come all the way to the ocean!
The Fort Macon beach access area was vacant. Last time we came it was full of bathers.
Julia dashed around without even a jacket and wasn't cold.
Becky and her parents, Barbara and David. Becky was wise to bring a hooded jacket.
This little fellow scampered around on quick legs and came very close to me. How they bear the cold and wind, for the sake of a bit of food, I don't know. And what food was he looking for, on the sand? A little fish?
We stopped for lunch at a rather famous restaurant in these parts -- The Sanitary Restaurant. What a name ~ as opposed to the ...?  I think originally it was the Sanitary Fish Market. It's a large family-style restaurant with decks and windows directly on the water.
As we looked out the window at the marina, a large power boat came toward us, in a hurry. They tried once to rope up to the dock, unsuccessfully, and powered around to try again. They had a cute little doggie on board. See him?
There he is --
This weather also makes for a choppy river. The ferry ride back home placed us at the very front of the ferry. We had a long, fun day. I'm so glad they came!


  1. I do so want to come to your end of the planet!

  2. Oh, The, another place I miss! :)

  3. So, it was windy, but not very cold? Maybe I will stand with you on the beach one day. For sure, if I get anywhere near, I am coming to Oriental for a visit, even if it is not on the way to anywhere else. (we can skip going to that restaurant, tho') I hope the wind didn't make your cold worse. Happy Thanksgiving, M.K.!


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