Friday, November 16, 2012

An Oriental Autumn

We have our own fall colors here on the North Carolina coast. It's not the brilliant eye-squinting yellow of Colorado, or even the rippling quilted golds and oranges of the mountains. But it's mighty pretty! Julia, Sandy, and I went driving, looking for some color for you. Our dominant color seems to be red!
Here's a shot of Fulcher's Tennessee Walking Horse Stables, just outside of town -- a double line of Bradford Pear trees. In spring bloom, they're pure white.

Some leaves are a deep maroon red.
Our church also has two Bradford Pears, framing the sanctuary.

Not certain of the name of this bush. It looks rather like a shrubby Japanese maple.
Here's a different kind of color. I've been wanting a photo of this pink roof and neon green door, with gingerbread trim.  Kind of, "preppy meets lace."
All over town are huge camellia bushes, blooming their hearts out. They're heavy with bloom, and the ground beneath them is carpeted with fallen petals.
This adorable one-year-old Japanese maple is solid crimson.
The owner of that maple caught me photographing her trees and we chatted a bit. This is the view up into another of her trees.
Just across the street another home has dozens of roses abloom. Literally hundreds of these rose bushes have been blooming in town for months. Is this a knock-out rose bush? I don't know.
Even little saplings and sprigs like this one, add color to our town.
Another large Virginia Creeper, brilliant in the woods.
I've been meaning to show you this spot. These are the Schoolhouse Condos -- apartments made from the two old brick schoolhouses in town. Lovely orange crepe myrtles grace the walk out front.
Another camellia:

This tree is so gorgeous. There are actually two of them in this yard.
We're expecting rain this weekend, and I know many of these leaves will tumble down and be washed away. Good-bye, Autumn! Hello, Winter! Down here in the South, there's not too much difference between the two.


  1. Love your church building--very pretty!

  2. I saw the title of your post, and then had to leave the computer for a minute, during which I thought about the traditional meaning of "Oriental," which I knew you were not talking about, but still I was going to tease you about whether you in fact had Japanese maples or Chinese magnolias.

    I came back to see the Japanese trees - do you have others that are Oriental in both senses? It's a lovely and colorful town, to look at your pictures. Thanks, M.K.!

  3. Lovely photos! And the shrubby Japanese maple is a Red Lace those. I had to ask my husband who used to do landscaping. It's one of my favorite trees. :)

  4. Your church building is adorable, and yes, I believe those are Knock Out Roses. I still haven't looked up your town on the map. Must do that soon!

  5. Autumn is also a lovely sight for me. Falling red leaves and a romantic ambiance – what’s not to love? Anyway, that house surely is unique. The owner is definitely gutsy in combining bright colors with subtle hues. And I think it paid off. The door is definitely a stand out!


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