Saturday, November 3, 2012

The November Market

A friend asked for a better picture of the Saturday morning farmers market here in Oriental, so today I shall oblige. All the vendors set up in a line along Hodges Street. Yes, this is the same Hodges Street that was flooded with a few feet of water less than a week ago! It's right by the town's harbor (just to the left of this photo). The man who owns the parking lot lets us use it every week, free of charge.
The market can be a busy place. We have our faithful regulars who come each week for a slice of cake or a biscotti with their breakfast coffee.  Some don't buy but just like to stroll around and chat, which is nice too. Some folks park right in front of the tables and call out the window what they want -- curbside service!
Adam always comes down with Sandy for a good visit with me and Kip and Pat, the two fun ladies I set up next to each week.
Here's my table. Not very fancy.  I didn't realize that tablecloth is so wrinkled! I used to have a square table, full of just soaps. Then I added other items, and then the crochet/knit wares took over, and now even the bigger table is crowded.
My table from the side. There's the slouchy hat, the waterfall scarf, a "smuff" (ear warmer) ....
Here's Kip, in her toasty warm cape/hood. It was chilly this morning! Down south, we have a very damp cold that sinks into your bones. Kip sells biscotti, pies, tarts, quiche, and quick breads. And pumpkin rolls -- they are so gorgeous.
Here's Pat's table, and I should have gotten her in the shot! Pat is a master of presentation; her table always looks so beautiful! She sells yeast breads, French bread, cookies, scented oils, and bread crumbs. I love her chalk board -- so French!
This week she made these adorable fall apple treats. Each one has a little cup underneath with peanut butter and caramel -- isn't that darling? And she made precious sugar cookies. That's an acorn cookie right there.
Because it was cold, she brought hot apple cider. But we have no electricity hook-up at the market, so she had to come up with her own contraption. She rigged up this trash can with a propane heater inside, and cut out a spot to hold her cider pot. Ingenious!
This lady was new this week, selling doll beds, perfect size for American Girl dolls and the like.
Another new lady was selling her Christmas balls with lights inside. Very beautiful.
And we regularly have someone selling farm-fresh eggs, any kind of veggies that are in season, local natural honey, hand-crafted jewelry or pottery, felted soaps, plants and herbs from a greenhouse -- so many wonderful things. We have such a good market, and I do think the folks in Oriental don't appreciate it as much as they might. The market won't continue unless the vendors can actually sell their wares. We love to see people visit and chat -- it's fun -- but we can't continue losing money week after week. The people who live here must support the market if they value having it.  And the things they get here are a great value for the money, I must say! Wherever you live, support your local vendors at your markets!


  1. Oh, it looks GREAT, MK! Your table looks full and tempting! I hope more and more people bring their pocket money and buy, buy, buy!
    Sandy looks so little! Did she get a goodie at the market today?

  2. Thank you, Pom :) Sandy IS little - only about 14 lbs. She didn't get a treat at the market -- nobody there gives out doggie treats. I can't blame them; we have SO many puppies that come through there each week, you could go broke giving treats to all of them - haha :)

  3. Your table looks delightfully full. Hope it's empty by the end of today. :)

    Let us know.

    Btw, hope it's okay to say this, but your husband does have beautiful hair. My husband's hair (it's gotten thinner...sadly) was prematurely gray way back when. Always a favorite. :)

  4. No, my table did not empty, sadly :( I'll hope for next week. You just never know at a farmers market! Feast or famine :)

    I've been meaning to cut Adam's hair -- it gets SO BIG!!! It is curly and pretty too, but the gray is misbehavin' hair - haha :) Adam's hair has been turning gray since sometime in his late 20s.

  5. MK, it looks like a fun market and the cider heating idea is brilliant!

  6. Thanks for a more in-depth look at the market. I'm going to look up your town on Google Earth and check it out. It looks interesting.


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