Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hating the Spam

Hey y'all ~
A while back, I got rid of the annoying "comment verification" box, when you leave a comment. I know it's a pain to type in the little nonsense, plus it's so hard to see.

However, equally annoying are the anonymous spam comments that I receive, when the verification box is turned off. So ... I'm turning it back on. I'm sick of sorting through 20 spam comments every day. I'm sorry! I sure wish somebody would come up with a different way!


  1. Well, a starnge thing has happened to me. I don't think I have the number/impossible to read thing on mine, but I disallow anonymous comments, which I read occasionally in the spam basement when I'm feeling strong. But just today the Russian stuff is getting through to my comment moderation box- I moderate my comments to avoid the number/impossible to read thing. Ho hum. I do hate the number/impossible thing- I hardly ever have my reading glasses on at this place in the house, and I get the number/impossible wrong so many times. But I feel your pain. Now, where are the reading glasses this time....

  2. Ha ha- have been experimenting. If you hit any two random numbers but get the letters right, it still works, ha ha ha ha ha!

  3. I agree. It's a pain to sift through all the junky stuff.

  4. MK, you can do "moderation" on your comments. Meaning, no comments are allowed to be posted until you go to your comment page and click "publish". That's what I've done because the spammers were noxious but the comment verification is very difficult on my old eyes.


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