Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Random Acts of Beauty

These photos are from a few days ago, driving around Oriental.
What a lovely mailbox! The blue color is so nice, and the fall decor is just happy. This house also has the biggest pinecones in town. I occasionally steal a few from their driveway. If they leave them in the driveway, I assume they are for squashing under tires, and are fair game.
Yes, we still have lots of roses in bloom. That's what November is, in the Deep South. Roses in November, camellias in January.
This one is so pretty. Wish it weren't so fuzzy too ~
I've been meaning to capture this adorable out-building in a photo. I love the colors! I love all the windows! Just perfect.
This array of fallish outdoorishness is by the entrance to Deaton's Boat Yard. I've cropped the photo, to use as a banner pic, as soon as I decide to get rid of the seashells you see above.
A nearly perfect pumpkin:
This friendly fellow (or lady?) walked near us as we sat at the park in the Adirondack chairs.
He strutted and preened and winked at us.
Then he spread his wide wings and flew away majestically.


  1. PUMPKINS! They're all gone from the shelves here now. Sigh. It'll be a whole year....

  2. They're so pretty -- one of my favorite things. I want to go steal these from this display, b/c I know they'll just leave them until a frost, and then they'll freeze and rot :( I want to rescue the pumpkins!!!


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