Friday, November 23, 2012

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

Adam made these the other day, and they were so delicious, so I had to share the idea with you. You start with a basic pancake recipe.
You also need a cinnamon glaze. Adam put it in a little bag with the corner cut off, so he could pipe it on, which is really useful. Not too runny, not too thick.
(cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, brown sugar and butter)
Last, you need a topping glaze. This recipe called for a cream cheese/butter glaze, which was just fabulous. It would not be as good with just a sugar glaze.
(1/4 block cream cheese, 1/2 stick butter, vanilla)
You pour some pancake batter in the pan, and then pipe on some of the cinnamon glaze in a swirl pattern.
You wait until the bubbles that form burst, even in the middle a bit, and then flip the pancake with all your skill. If you're an unskilled flipper, you might want to work on that skill before attempting to do it while keeping a swirl glaze intact.
After flipping, the glaze is now on the hot pan, and the butter and cinnamon from that glaze will melt into the pancake, leaving a swirl-shaped groove in the pancake, with a good coating of caramelized cinnamon/sugar on that side of the pancake. It won't take long on the second side. Turn the pancake out on your plate, swirl side up. Drizzle or spread the white glaze on it.
Adam practiced this recipe at the stove, and by the time he made his own, they were perfect, he said. But I ate the first ones, and they were wonderful. I liked the slightly-burnt caramelization of the brown glaze, with the contrasting cream cheese glaze flavor -- just excellent! But this is a finicky recipe, I must say. I'd never bother with it all, but for Adam, it's no bother. He loves the finicky. He found the recipe several times online, so hunt there for the ingredient proportions. I never saw the recipe; I just enjoyed the result!


  1. That's fancy!
    I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving, MK!

  2. This is brilliant, and might make my fussy pancake eaters believers in them. What a creative idea...must try this. And, besides, they LOOK like cinnamon rolls.


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