Monday, November 26, 2012

Quick-Change Artist

Out with Thanksgiving, In with Christmas. Why, oh why do we have to do it all so fast?
Pine cones atop my piano
Before the turkey is all gone, or the pie has all been snatched up, one must dig through boxes looking for Advent wreaths and candles, or one will miss the first week of Advent and then be forever behind all the rest of December.
So, our count-down Christmas candle is ready for December 1st. Our Jesse tree is bare and ready to receive its ornament-a-day.
Julia set up the Christmas village. Only this year ... she wanted to name the village. Storybrooke? (after Once Upon a Time) Then she started thinking up a tale that takes place in the village. Here's the local inn. Two gossipy village ladies stand there, whispering.
A stage coach has come rolling into town with some strangers.
Back in the woods is the dark log cabin.
And in the middle of the village green, lying in the gazebo for everyone to discover in the morning ... is a dead man! Julia says she's coming up with a Rose-the-Duck story about these events. She's so creative.
Happy Week Between Thanksgiving and Advent! May you not be frazzled!


  1. I ordered Once Upon a Time because of your suggestion and it came today! We'll watch some of it tonight!
    I love the village, MK! So cute! Charming!
    You reminded me of an Advent candle I have. I must find it.
    Love to you!

  2. Oh tell Julia to blog the village adventures. i want to hear those women! You could let her do Advent guest posts- PLEASE! Racing around the forest this week trying to finish deforestation by Friday! Not getting very far....


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