Saturday, November 24, 2012


Anyone seeking a theme in this blog post will be severely disappointed. That said ...
Last night we set up the Christmas tree. Yes we did, and if you don't like Christmas this early, just keep your feelings in your own living room. A few of us just can't get enough Christmas, not even in two or three months' time. Julia helped. Honestly, Julia did most of it. Adam did the rest. I watched.
He got a little tangled. Philip has been doing our tree and lights for a few years. We old people are out of practice.
Julia fiddled with the lights, and then she put on the ornaments as well. And we watched two sappy Christmas movies, ate popcorn, and regarded ourselves as festive.
I got a photo of the smitten/snuggie set before it sold today. I have enough yarn to make another set like this, if I want to.
I made another kiddie hat. The last one was a bear hat, with sticking-up bear ears. Julia said (while we were watching a sappy Christmas movie), "Oh, please put puppy dog ears on this one, like beagle ears." So I did, and bright and early today a mommy bought it for her baby. So adorable!
Big brother wanted to get into the shot too.
And this afternoon, Adam sanded the boat and planed off all the extraneous wood. Now it all holds together with epoxy, and she's looking prettier and prettier. He's pleased.


  1. Adorable puppy hat! Celebrate Christmas as your heart desires!

  2. Yay for festive hearts!
    The boat is SO beautiful!
    Beagle ears. What a great "Julia" idea!

  3. Adorable hat...absolutely adorable. :) And the boat...totally impressive. Must tell my husband so he can be envious!

  4. I like watching; I'm good at watching.

  5. Look how close the trees are to your house. You're in my forest, MK! Let's drift and drink sweet nut tea?


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