Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Anchors Away!

Bike rides are happening less frequently, now that the weather is chillier, windier, wetter. But we had a few nice, balmy days. We rode down a new road, and found this ~
There are many large ships' anchors around the county. You see them in yards and businesses. This is the biggest I've seen. I kept the car in the photo so you could see how massive it is -- the car is not too far away from it.
And the Neuse, always lovely, always changing, always there. In this weather, the sailboats are dotting the river.
A Virginia Creeper graces the front porch of a neglected house, and the setting sun graces its leaves as well.
We pass this huge bush every time we ride. It's a camellia, and is now in full bloom. It'll continue to be like this for many weeks.
The wasps were lively around it, and Adam said one very slow honey bee was trying valiantly to battle the cool weather and get one last dose of nectar or pollen to take back home.
May you find many blooms in your world!

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  1. Oh, I really like your river, MK!
    That huge anchor gives me the shivers!


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