Sunday, November 4, 2012

Watercolor with Julia

Julia's art workshop is done for the semester, but I wanted to keep her painting. She'll paint happily as long as someone is painting with her. So I sit and dabble. I'm not a very gifted painter, nor am I inventive. But I really enjoy it -- I find it incredibly relaxing, and this is very valuable to me. I don't find it easy to fully relax. Watercolor painting in particular does this for me.
I tried to paint a picture of Peter as a little boy, from a photograph. Disastrous! His face looked like some demented child of the zombie apocalypse. So I threw that away, and decided I'd be better off painting fruit - haha :)
This stuff is easy and fun. It's fast, and watercoloring this way is very forgiving. The above is on a half-sheet.
This one below is a full sheet. I really like the pinecones. (Yes, I have a thing for pinecones.) And the cherries are cute.
I'm pondering whether to use one of these as a tile, from which to make my blog background. Then I could get a perfect autumn photo for the banner, and "tada!!!" a whole blog layout, from my own hand. Ya think?


  1. Yes, do it!
    I like your artwork and I like Julia's artwork, too!

  2. I love your fruit- do you know the blog o Betty the wood Fairy in Englnad> She does fabulous painting on silk. I think you'd like it. And she's a wood fairy!

  3. This reminds me of old-fashioned tablecloths from when I was a kid. Definitely tile it for your background....a wonderful idea.

    You have talent with this, and we already knew you did with the crocheting. :)

  4. I would never have thought to put fruit and pine cones together, but they are charming!


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