Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A County Drive

A drive across the county today prompted me to take along my camera. Here's a triplet of sycamores, lined up for our admiration.
This, I believe, is a hotly contested piece of property in Bayboro; I've seen an article about it in the paper. As the signs say, it's "for sale" and "available."
Perfect for office suites, and at a great price - haha!! Actually, that chimney stack looks pretty good, considering the rest of the house.
I noticed these azaleas, still in high bloom. Amazing, yes? This is a fun place to live!
Meanwhile, the town of Stonewall has hung out its holiday welcome mat.
The fields have all been harvested of their cotton, corn, soybeans, tobacco and wheat. Already, the farmers have sown winter wheat that will be harvested next May. It's nice to get so much extra growing time.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving Eve!

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  1. Hi MK! It looks like a great day for a drive! Beautiful! Please beam me a slice of that chocolate pie?


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