Thursday, November 22, 2012

Oriental's Thanksgiving Morning Bike Ride

We began our Thanksgiving Day in an unusual way -- with a neighborhood bike ride! That's right ~ dozens of Oriental residents met at the Bean at 9:00 AM and rode around the village. Adam was, I think, impressed that he was able to get both of us ladies up and out the door at such an hour, and on bikes!
Here's that same knock-out rose bush, still knocking everyone out!
The bikers gathered.
It's always nice to enjoy the waterfront view.
Quite a few folks brought their pooches along. This fellow rides in his Santa outfit in a basket.
These two girls are well-known in town. They're wearing their "doggles."
I was passed by many riders. Julia passed me. I kept waiting for Adam to pass me, with Sandy trotting along on her leash. I waited ....
Even the dogs passed me. This one's name? You guessed it ... Skipper!
At last I called Adam on the phone. He'd taken Sandy back home, first thing! As soon as he tried to ride, she freaked out at all the other bikes rolling along. She plopped her little bottom on the pavement and refused to budge. I only planned to ride about the first half of the journey, so I headed home to keep Sandy company, while Adam rode the second half. I tell you, that pup is high maintenance!

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  1. Would you believe, MK, that the coffee shop where we all go to craft, when not plugged into intravenous coffee at someone's house, is called the Bean? And I have once or twice even cycled there!


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