Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Prettiest Thing I've Crocheted Thus Far

And it really is ... except I cannot get the camera to capture the colors.
I tried inside, but the colors look dull here.
I tried outside, and this is a bit closer, but the glare is bad. And the colors are much more rich, striking, warm and luscious. Hmm.
I put it outside on the table, and it was worse! The snuggie doesn't have this electric Christmas-light look - ugh! And it has NO yellow in it. Oh well -- you'll have to imagine. But I had so much fun making it last night, while we watched North by Northwest. I used lots of the fun ornamental yarn given to me by a friend. It all went together so well.
I can't wait to see if this is snatched up right away at the market on Saturday. Will anyone else see how beautiful it is?
UPDATE: I made a matching pair of smittens to go with this, and the set sold at the market this morning -- a cute lady snatched them up, paid too much for them, and I didn't even get to put them in a bag -- she wore them down the street! Made me so happy. :)


  1. Brilliant! And I'm thinking that the brightest of your photos showed how wonderful the colors were. You'll have to do it again! :)

  2. MK, that is pretty; it looks like Christmas lights.


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