Sunday, November 18, 2012

Finishing Things Off

Adam and Julia continue to work on the "Minuet." They put the bottom on her, so now the dry fitting, with zip ties to join it all, is finished. Next step: epoxy! They need relatively warm temperatures for that, several hours above 60ยบ, at least.
Before Saturday's market, I did finish one last pair of smittens. This pair is in a lovely wool called Jade Heather, by Paton Classic Wool. The edging is Bernata Boa.

This eyelash boa yarn is excellent for trim and accents. I have used it for light scarves, but generally I think one would need to be cautious using it for a whole garment.
Adam caught a nasty cold/sore throat this past week. Two days later, I caught it. I have lovely company this weekend visiting, but this cold/headache/stuffy nose/irritated sinuses is just so debilitating. I'm hoping one more good night's sleep will get rid of it! I missed the community Thanksgiving service tonight, and the chorale's singing, because of it. This illness is another thing I'm ready to "finish off" as soon as possible.


  1. MK, I'm so sorry you have been ill! And the smittens are cute. Have a happy thanksgiving with your people; we'll have a happy thanksgiving with your people here!

  2. Hi, sweetie! We wish we could come too, but I bet fun will be had in the old home place on the hill :) Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  3. You have all been busy, busy! And to great effect!

  4. Busy hands! I hope you finish up that cold soon.


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