Wednesday, October 13, 2010

An Apple Tree and a Piece of Rope

This is what Julia does for fun. We have a long rope swing in a big oak tree.
She uses this little apple tree, climbing into it,
Positioning herself, and placing her foot in the loop of the rope.
And then swinging down from the branch, and across the open space under the oak.
She makes this look so easy, and I thought it was -- until a friend of hers (who is very athletic)
tried over and over to do it, on Sunday afternoon. It's really hard! The friend fell and slid again and again.
I think Julia's been practicing for hours.
She swings back each time and tries to touch the apple tree.
It's a long rope, with lots of scope...
Sandy, of course, gets into the act, and barks aggressively. Julia is always dragging her hair through the dust.
I call her my little monkey. She loves this swing.
If your child doesn't have a chance to get this kind of fun outside, perhaps you should arrange it.
Not competition. Not organization. Not teams.
Just fun!

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