Saturday, October 2, 2010

Katydid and the Firepit

It's time to be outdoors. I don't know how the weather is in your neck of the woods, but here in central NC, it's glorious: Cool, Breezy, Sunny

In other words, it's FINALLY fall.

Yesterday, Julia and I found this fella, perched on the lawnmower handle.
Looks just like a leaf, wouldn't you say? Amazing. I sent Julia inside for my camera, and he stayed fairly still, preening himself and gripping against the breeze. Julia noted the veining in his wings, which is identical to the veining in leaves.

If God cares so much about the correct camouflaging of an insect, how can I doubt that he cares about my welfare in my sometimes-difficult environment? Won't he give me what I need, to keep me from being consumed by the dangers around me?

I sent Julia inside to the computer to find out what this bug is called -- and it's a katydid! I've heard the name katydid all my life, because my mother had a dog when she was a little girl, and she named her Katydid. So sweet :)

Julia and I both asked for a fire in the firepit last night, and in the afternoon we contributed by pruning bushes and carrying the branches to the firepit. Even Peter came. Do you know how hard it can be to drag a 16 year old boy from his bedroom? We made s'mores -- see the marshmallows?
I didn't have any Hersey bars, so we used milk chocolate chips instead. I carefully lined them up on my graham cracker, before smushing the hot marshmallow (obliging toasted to a "t" by Adam) on them. But the children were more inventive. They stuff the chocolate chips INSIDE their marshmallows, and them roasted them. I think they liked it.

Happy October!!

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