Friday, October 15, 2010

Hello, Autumn --

Welcome to my yard. You're my favorite season!
You sport a little color,
Although they're subdued, compared to spring.
Your chilly breath turns berries red,
And the leaves a regal gold and purple.
Your beauty is a mystery of browns and grays. Why do we love them so?
You ensnare our hearts and draw us deep into the woods.
We catch your leaves in our hair, your cold air in our chests,
And crush your bounty underfoot.
And finally burn you up in smoke for our comfort.
Autumn today? the sound of nuts pummeling the roof like hail, leaves falling like rain, wind blowing with a southerly determination, and faint, delicious smells that I cannot trace to their sources. Why do I smell heady gardenia in my back yard? Who is burning wood in the fireplace? The wind teases me, and won't tell.

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