Friday, October 8, 2010

That Thing on the Side of the Road...

We were already almost late. But we stopped anyway, to retrieve this:
Adam has a special love for serious floor lamps. He's always had poor eyesight, and needs lots of light to read. He has one like this already in the living room. The "new" one will go in Anna's room. She has one of those rooms with no overhead lighting, and it's usually dim in there, with only a dinky table lamp.

This lamp is scary. Rusted. Broken. And the wiring -- *shivers!!* With a face only an electrician could love :)
Once it was in the car, we did notice a significant broken spot. It looks like some child clung to the post, lifted his feet off the floor, and applied his weight to the bottom. Ouch.
But we're not so picky. Adam proceeded to take it all apart.
Another up-close of the crushed area.
Then he started sanding, and then painting. Anna chose a creamy off-white.
And Adam got down to the business of rewiring...
I wish I had a "Ta-da!!" finished picture for you, but we're not there yet! Adam says probably tomorrow morning, when the light is good again, and he can finish the tedious wiring process. But hopefully, she'll have a nice lamp out of it all. So, stay tuned till tomorrow!

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