Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Links and Labels

Hi folks,

I've been tweeking my blog today. I updated something on the settings. (I have no idea what it was called.) But it makes this posting box much more fancy!

And I finally, FINALLY, discovered how to put all these labels to use!  I do (occasionally) label my posts according to their content. Unless, of course, they are so rambly and mentally disjointed that no label can be affixed to them....  Anyway, if you scroll down a bit, you'll notice on the right hand side that there are subjects, like "homeschooling," or "bees," or "faith."  I admit, it will drive me insane to no end, that some of those words are capitalized, and some are not.  But you have absolutely no idea what a huge pain it is to edit those labels.  ARGH! I won't even begin. So they will remain as they are.

And here are some links to fun bloggy places I've been lately. So many pleasant places in the blogworld to visit, but I thought I'd remind you of a few of my favorites:

Lanier's books.  She's recently begun an online "bookshop" and sells dearly-loved bound treasures. Her writing is elegant and tasteful and dreamy. I love her entries about Tasha Tudor, and other favorite writers, but her entries about her farm are fun also.

Gladsome Lights. This is Gretchen-Joanna's desk. I especially love it when she writes about her garden, or her faith, or her travels. Her writing is carefully crafted, and she often delves into other writers' thoughts in new and inspiring ways.

Musings of a Housewife. Jo-Lynne is the one who first turned me on to the slow-food way of eating, and although I am abysmal at benefiting from her fashion advice, and can only dream of being a blogger queen, I love to see what she's up to in the kitchen!

Parenting with Grace. This blog is written by a couple who are now in Uganda adopting 2 baby girls. If you begin reading early in September, you can trace the ups and downs of their adventure. They adopted 3 daughters from Romania (I think), years ago, and their daughter named Grace was killed a couple of years ago in a tragic accident. Thus the name of their blog. Their hearts are huge and their story honest. The husband's parents are friends of mine.

So, there's some fun for you. I'm amazed at the blog sites I find through the recommendation of others, like this nice blog by a Georgia lady. I don't know if I'll become a regular reader, but I may!


  1. So, Mary Kathryn, the "nice Georgia lady" whose blog you just found goes to my church!! And yes, she is a nice lady! :) For several years, she taught a Bible Study I attended. Glad you found it!

  2. Oops. I just went back and reread your post. You wrote a "nice blog" by a "Georgia lady". My mistake. Even so, she IS a nice Georgia lady. :)

  3. How fun!! And what a cool coincidence. Well, when/if you see her, please tell her I enjoy her blog, and that the internet world is a rather small place.

  4. I do see Debbie just about every week. Instead of waiting until Sunday, I wrote her and gave her a link to your blog.

  5. Musings of A Housewife is one of my favorites too! Jo-Lynne often makes me laugh (and think). :)


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