Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blogging Fame!!

Okay, that might be a bit of an overstatement....

But today, for the VERY first time, I got an email from a company here in the US, which noticed my blog, and would like for me to do either a give-away, or a review of a product for them.


I don't know that it exactly qualifies for blogging fame, but it's a little step up.


This blog is a part of my home, in a way.  When I invite you here, I feel as if you're coming into my living room, sitting on my red couch, sipping tea in front of the fire.  This is a personal space, not a business space.

I don't monetize my blog, as they say.  You won't see ads on the side bar of this blog, anymore than I'd be likely to put a billboard in my front yard, or try to sell something as you sit in my living room, sipping tea.


Absolutely NO offense intended to those wonderful bloggers who do monetize and advertise and do all that jazz.  But, for now, I like my blog the way it is.

So, a give-away? Sure.  A review?  Fun! But you can expect this blog to stay a friendly place with just you, and me.

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