Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bread Supper

It may be devoid of both fruit and vegetable, but we occasionally enjoy what we call "bread supper." Adam starts over a day ahead, making sponges for a country loaf (below) and baguettes. I'm so, so fortunate to have a husband who absolutely loves making perfect bread.

I can't tell you how wonderful the crunchy, chewy crust is, on this bread. If you're "texture" person, this bread is for you!
Here are the baguettes, so beautiful. We five ate both of them in a trice! (trice: n., a very short time, a moment, an instant)
This is what we serve:  honey butter, brie cheese, strawberry jam, and the two breads. Adam makes the honey butter with Plugra, a special European butter that you can find at some stores. The brie is just from WalMart, and I like it with the jam. I was very naughty and ate both crusty heels of the dark loaf that were on the table.  It's a huge loaf; we'll have some left for tomorrow.  But Adam says the baguettes will be worthless after about 8:00 tonight.  He's so picky! Worthless, my foot!
I'll catch up on my fruits and veggies tomorrow.  Does the jam count?


  1. For sure the jam counts!
    Our family used to have Rice Night at least once a month, mostly to remember the millions in the world who eat not much more than rice every night. But WE could put sesame meal, butter and/or soy sauce on our rice!

    That bread is gorgeous.

  2. That's a good idea, GJ! I really like rice.It's wonderful with butter and peas.


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