Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pizza Evening

Now that Adam has resolved his oven door issue, he is cooking in his bread oven again. It's such a quick cooking time, that he needs to prep the pizzas outside, next to the oven, so we set up a table and bring all the fixin's outside. He puts corn meal on his pizza peel so the dough will slide off easily onto the floor of the oven.
Pizza #1 is in the oven.  He has already scraped almost all the embers/fire out of the oven, but it's still about 600 degrees. These pizzas cook in about 4 minutes.
When he removed the embers from the oven, he dropped them into the firepit, and we started a nice fire in there. Peter plays soccer with Sandy in the background.
Three pizzas in the oven.  We were expecting some friends of Peter, but they couldn't come, so we invited our friendly neighbors, and they came up and sat by the fire and enjoyed the pizza.  It had such a great, crispy bottom!
This is the newest door arrangement.  The inside is a piece of metal from Adam's tool box.  The outside piece is "wonder board."  It seems to do the trick.
The finished product -- this one is only cheese.  He made 6 tonight.

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