Friday, October 8, 2010


We saw this cowering gnome on our walk the other day, in someone's yard. Not a very pretty 'shroom.
And this fella showed up in our front yard the other day, with a friend :) I don't know for sure, but pictures online indicate it might be a conk fungi, or something related. He's rather large -- about 8" across.
And I must have the annual pumpkin picture from my front porch! Each year I hesitate to spend $3 or $4 on a purely decorative item, and each year I cave in! She's beautifully round, isn't she?
Today, Adam is totally reworking a floor lamp we retrieved from a neighbor's trash yesterday. Yes, I know -- a MAN picked up someone's trashed item from the side of the road! I'll never have to apologize again for asking him to "STOP!!! I want that ______________!" I'll be posting pics of the progressive renaissance of this old, decrepit thing, later today.


  1. Even $10 would be a bargain for such perfect, natural and easy decorating. Think of how much time and money some people spend on more junky stuff to celebrate the seasons, when there is oodles of natural beauty to simply move closer to the the front door!

  2. So a mushroom walks into a bar, and the bartender says "we don't serve your kind here." and the Mushroom says, "Why not? I'm a fun guy."

    The pumpkin is very fun. I buy pumpkins. The kids draw all over them. And then we eat them. :-) (Is that sort of like naming your chickens? haha!)

  3. I agree, GJ! The 'real thing' is so much better than plastic.

    J - heehee! That took me a half-second :) Julia is BEGGING to carve this pumpkin up for halloween, but I like to try to keep them nice well into the winter. I can't bear to slaughter them :( Are these kinds of pumpkins good for pies too? I thought you had to have a "pie" pumpkin.

  4. I have an idea for your husband: take your fall pumpkin, or another like it if you must, and take a pie pumpkin, too, and cook them up separately into pies and/or soup, and compare results. I know there is a difference, and when my father used to get Halloween pumpkins on the cheap and use them in a special dish with pork, the eating wasn't always good.

  5. That's a fun idea, GJ. I'm wondering if maybe J meant pie pumpkins after all. But it would still be a good comparison. And we've never made pumpkin soup. I think, however, that Adam is adverse to using pumpkin for ANYTHING other than pies. Sigh!!

  6. Is Adam against using pumpkins for other than pie because he likes pie so much or doesn't like pumpkin soup? I love pumpkin soup!

  7. C - He just LOVES pumpkin pie. He could eat the whole thing. On a daily basis. In one sitting. It's NOT normal :)


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